Conference/Membership Information


Dear DSA Members and Prospective Members:

On behalf of the Delmarva Safety Association, we would like to thank you in advance for your consideration in the support of DSA!

Individual DSA Memberships will receive discounted registration rates on all DSA conferences, meetings, and any other DSA functions throughout the year.  You will be included in various networking opportunities throughout the year that are exclusive to DSA members.

In a recent Past Presidents’ luncheon, the benefits of the “DSA network” were mentioned repeatedly.  Many times, our past presidents and others called on their fellow members for advice and support, and helped to get them “out of a jam” in many cases by sharing their knowledge and outcomes of similar past experiences!  We hope you will be able to participate in our monthly meetings, and reap the benefits of meeting with fellow DSA members on a regular basis, and become an active part of the DSA network of health and safety professionals. It takes all of us to make the difference, so get involved! 

We are very pleased to have your support, and to our members our sincere appreciation, not only your financial support, but your active participation as well!


DSA Membership Request

Please contact us if interested in becoming a Corporate member. We will send you the form for joining the Delmarva Safety Association so you can reap the benefits. Corporate members must be paid yearly and you must be a member for 6 months to apply any safety conference discounts to your company and employee's and be active by attending monthly meetings. 
Then, please visit our Memberships page to pay for your membership.  

Thank you for joining DSA!